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Virginia Creeper Trail, VA

Virginia Creeper Trail Map

Virginia Creeper Trail Map

parking & trail access mile marker elevation symbol legend
Abingdon Trailhead 0.00 812 handicap access restroom water food park facilities
Damascus (town of Damascus) 17.00 1200 handicap access restroom water food pay phone park facilities
Whitetop Station Visitor Center 1.10 965 handicap access restroom water picnic tables park facilities
Virginia-North Carolina State Line 0.00 900
Green Cove Station Visitor Center 4.10 945 restroom food park facilities
Creek Junction 9.40 3050 restroom park facilities
Taylor’s Valley 12.40 3000 food
Straight Branch Trailhead 13.90 2900 restroom park facilities
Alvarado Station 24.90 1800 restroom park facilities
Highway 677 Parking Area 30.50 1900 park facilities

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