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Virginia Creeper Trail, VA


Music On The Mountain
The Creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle Service, located in Whitetop, Virginia, sponsors a weekly jam session at 7:00 PM each Saturday. Music ranges from bluegrass to gospel and musicians are welcome to join it. For more information visit this website:


The Virginia Creeper is one of the finest trails in the Southeast United States traveling through Southwest Virginia from mountains to urban Abingdon.

Virginia Creeper Trail Logo

Virginia Creeper Trail Logo

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a very beautiful trail. It is a National Recreation Trail and is very scenic.

It is located in Southwest Virginia and actually starts at the Virginia-North Carolina state line and heads 34.5 miles northwest to the city of Abingdon, Virginia.

It travels first through the Mt. Rogers National Forest and then through private lands through Damascus, Virginia and Abingdon, Virginia. It is managed by those three entities, National Forest Service, Town of Damascus and city of Abingdon. It is hard packed gravel and its width varies from some 14 feet down to three feet wide in places. It is one of the most scenic trails around and a trip on it, especially in late Spring or early Fall, is a delight.

It is located in the very Southwest corner of Virginia. To locate it, you would go North from Knoxville, Tennessee some 128 miles (I-40 to I-81 North), or south on I-81 from Roanoke, Virginia some 134 miles. You can exit at Exits 14, 17 or 19 in Abingdon. It is suggested that you exit at Exit 17, go North approximately 1/3 mile and stop at the excellent Abingdon Convention and Visitors Center, located at 335 Cummings Street in Abingdon. It is an excellent source of information on current events and location of specific places of interest.

If you are staying overnight, there are a few options. There are no motels or hotels in the town of Damascus, but there are some delightful Bed and Breakfasts and other lodging options, such as cabins and overnight rooms. If you wish to stay in a motel or hotel, then Abingdon is the best choice. There are a number to choose from and you and click on the banner for Interactive Hotel Solutions (for Abingdon) or check the listings under Lodging/Accomodations for a listing. There are also fine Bed and Breakfasts in Abingdon.

As for dining, options are similar to lodging. In Damascus, there are several casual restaurants, shown in our listing, and in Abingdon, there is a wide selection available.

If you are making a day trip on the Virginia Creeper, we suggest that you go to Damascus (see Directions Menu) and rent a bike and/or take a shuttle up to the top of Whitetop Station and ride down. You can travel down the beautiful trail almost without pedaling, although it is a fairly easy grade, suitable for young bike riders through grandmothers (or grandfathers).

If you are staying multiple days in the area, there are a number of options for seeing the entire trail and the area. See Suggested Trips for recommendations.

As always, we welcome any feedback on this website or your stories of your experiences on this Trail. Please e-mail them to