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Facts & Descripton – Tanglefoot Trail


Length: The Tanglefoot Trail is officially 43.5 miles in length (but reported as 44.5 miles)
Mile Markers: Numbered from 0 to 43.5 South to North
Surface: Asphalt
Width: TBD
Maintained By: G M & O Rails to Trails Recreational District of North Mississippi, County Crews and District Crews
Contact: Don Locke
Tanglefoot Trail Manager
Three Rivers PDD
P.O Box 690
75 South Main Street
Pontotoc, MS 38863
Phone: (662) 488-6979

Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week, from thirty (30) minutes prior to sunrise – thirty (30) minutes after sunset

Safety/Rules of the Trail

• Entrance to the Trail is authorized only at public roads, Whistle Stops and other points of access designated by the District.
• Trail users shall not leave District property to access private property along the Trail without the consent of the private property owner.
• Parking facilities are provided at Whistle Stops and other point of access designated by the District. Parking facilities shall be designated by appropriate signage posted by the District.
• Trail users shall obey all Federal, State and Local laws and Trail signage
• Trail users shall not access streams, ponds or lakes along or beneath the Trail for any purpose.
• No person under 12 years of age shall be allowed on District property unless accompanied by an adult.
• Petroleum-propelled vehicles (cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc) are not permitted on the trail except those emergency, maintenance and patrol vehicles authorized by the District.
• Electric “golf type” carts are permitted on the Trail only after application and receipt of a “special-use permit and decal” issued annually by the District’s Trail Manager.
• No dog(s) shall be allowed on District property unless confined by a leash and accompanied by the owner. Pet waste deposited by dog(s) on the District property shall be immediately removed by the owner of the dog(s)
• Horses or equestrian riders shall not be allowed on District property until such time as the District is able to identify and develop an “equestrian trail” on designated areas owned by the District.
• No person shall dispose of litter on District property except in waste containers provided by the District.
• Disturbing vegetation and the handling or feeding of wildlife on or along the Trail or other District property is prohibited.
• Disorderly conduct, including by not limited to abusive language, intoxication, disturbance of other persons and breach of peace, is prohibited on District property.
• The Following are strictly prohibited on District property:
o Camping
o Building fires
o Hunting or fishing
o Shooting a firearm on, over, across or down the Trail
o Possession of explosives or fireworks
o Possession of glass containers
o Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
o Vandalism of any building, structure, plant, sign or other property
o Moving, removing or re-arranging District signs, markers or other property
o Possession of firearms of any kind except for authorized District personnel, law enforcement officers or by appropriate permit.
• Any and all advertising, exhibitions, solicitation, and contributions are prohibited except by special permit authorized and issued by the District.
• Violations of the Rules & Regulations shall be punishable as provided by state law. Individuals guilty of multiple violations of these Rules & Regulations may be banned from use of the Trail or other District property.

Weather: To Be Added
The Tanglefoot Trail is a converted rail-trail. It is on the former line of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad. The railroad was built beginning in 1871 by Colonel William C.Faulkner, great-grandfather of the Nobel Prize-winning author William Faulkner, born and bred in north Mississippi.

One of the working engines used on the initial railroad was called the Tanglefoot. It was a narrow gauge engine with a ten wheelswith driving wheels 36 inches in diameter, operated at a steam pressure of 60 psi. It was later retired when the rail line went to standard gauge. It became the source of the name for the current Tanglefoot Trail.

The development of the Trail began with the announcement of the abandonment of the rail line in 2003 by the Mississippi Tennessee Railroad, of the rail line from between New Albany and Houston in northeast Mississippi. In 2005 a group of people met to discuss formation of the trail. The trail was developed and had its official opening in September 2013.