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Tammany Trace, Louisiana

The Tammany Trace is a beautiful paved 33 mile long trail in southern Louisiana, running along the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain.    It is north of  New Orleans and goes from Covington almost to the city of Slidell, Louisiana.  The Tammany Trace comes to a dead-end a short way from Slidell; you can ride (or walk) a busy road into Slidell.

It is a wonderful trail and a great destination in Louisiana.  You could camp at Fontainbleu State Park, which is on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, and ride your bike both ways, toward Covington one day and toward Slidell the next.  It is very scenic and you will pass through wetlands and forests. It is used by a local people but is not crowded. The best times to go are Spring and Fall. The winter is not a bad time to go but the weather may not be as cooperative.