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Swamp Rabbit Trail

Section of Swamp Rabbit Trail Closed for 3 months (Jan 5, 2015)

On Monday, January 5th, the city of Greenville closed off a section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail near downtown at Cleveland Street for aging sewer replacement. The sewer replacement is being done along Cleveland Street between Ridgeland Drive and University ridge. This blocks off the Swamp Rabbit Trail in both directions. The sewer replacement is expected to take about 3 months. Currently, there is no designated detour. No word if the Swamp Rabbit will be closed the entire 3 months.

Greenville also announced also that the Swamp Rabbit Trail between the Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Memorial and the circle on Furman College Way will be closed for about a month for sewer replacement.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a hidden gem of a 23+ mile trail in Travelers Rest and Greenville, South Carolina. It is officially known as the Greenville Hospital Swamp Rabbit Trail. It goes north to south from the North Greenville Medical campus of the Greenville Hospital System to Greenville Tech in Greenville.
It is an urban trail and goes by some of the most scenic parts of Travelers Rest, Furman University and downtown Greenville.
Look for expansion on information on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. For more immediate information, see this website:


On a cool (50’s), gray day, I made a trip over to the Swamp Rabbit Trail.   This was my second time on the Swamp Rabbit Trail; the first time I walked on it in downtown Greenville with family.

I traveled from from my house in Brevard to the trail in downtown Traveler’s Rest. I parked at the Methodist Church in Traveler’s Rest; not an official trailhead, but it was a big lot and there were other cars, with bike racks on them, in the parking lot.

I rode my bicycle from downtown Traveler’s Rest, approximately the 25 mile mark on the trail, to downtown Greenville, just past Falls Park at the Reedy River, the 34 mile mark. It was, of course, about 9 miles from Traveler’s Rest to the 34 mile marker (MM).  From Grandview Cemetery, the Trail parallels U.S. 276 for about a mile then cuts southward toward Greenville.   It goes through some wooded areas, mostly losing elevation, then by Furman University, then past some neighborhoods and some industrial areas. It makes a sharp right turn, apparently across the Reedy River as you enter Greenville.  The trail in downtown Greenville is through a very scenic area, passing Falls Park at the Reedy River.  Very nice area and surrounded by downtown Greenville west end. Many nice shops and coffee shops/restaurants there.

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Here are points I observed about the Swamp Rabbit Trail:

  1. The Trail theoretically ‘starts’ at the north end of the county and goes southward to the south end of the county.
  2. Currently, the trail actually starts about 2 miles west of downtown Traveler’s Rest.  There is a Trailhead along the road where it starts, at Grandview Cemetery, at the intersection of Grandview Way and Geer Highway (aka U.S. 276). The mile marker here is approximately 23 (I did not actually see a mile marker here).  There is an unpaved parking lot here that will hold about 15 vehicles.
  3. From Grandview Cemetery, the trail parallels (and is right next to) Geer Highway into downtown Traveler’s Rest.  This is a pretty interesting small town.
  4. There are several nice venues in Traveler’s Rest. Here is a list in no particular order
    1. The Forest Coffee Shop (cyclist-friendly)
    2. Williams Hardware Restaurant (they are cyclist-friendly and have a bike rack in back of the restaurant, and they have delicious food)
    3. Sunrift Outfitters
    4. Reedy Rides Bicycles

There were more interesting things, but I didn’t have a chance to visit others.

  1. Traveling east from Traveler’s Rest, the Mile Markers get higher, going from MM 25 to MM 34 at the end of Falls Park.
  2. For a cool winter weekday there were a fair number of people on the Trail. I estimate that I saw about a hundred people going to Greenville and back.
  3. At MM the Swamp Rabbit Trail goes through the edge of Furman University.  Furman is very attractive and might be worth a side trip to see it more fully.
  4. At approximately MM 29, there is a Trailhead with parking, and Boyd Cycling, A Test Ride Center and a Grocery/Restaurant are located.  I did not go in Boyd Cycling, but I did go in the grocery. They fresh-bake their bread there and I had a delicious heated-up cheese and spinach scone.
  5. There are a couple of hazards along the trail. The first is at a couple of road crossings, where the old rails have not been removed and the pavement is rough and is a falling hazard.  Another is near downtown Greenville, where you make a 90 degree right hand turn and there are a set of railroad tracks at a sharp diagonal angle.  There was no way to go across them at a right angle. I would recommend getting off and walking your bicycle across them (as I did).
  6. Downtown Greenville is a very interesting place. It is very scenic along the Reedy River and there are a lot of things to see. I can see spending most of a day here just looking around. Here are some venues (of a lot of them) that I went to; I’m sure that there are a lot of others that I need to explore.  Here they are:
    1. The Lazy Goat restaurant
    2. Coffee to a Tea (in West End – you’ll have to go up the stairs into West End)
    3. Shoeless Joe Jackson Plaza
    4. The curving bridge across the Reedy River (very striking)
    5. Paradigm Pathway; another bridge across the river, with a striking metal sculpture on the east side)
    6. Many historical markers in the area
    7. The Swamp Rabbit Trail continues on southward from downtown Greenville to Cleveland Park and the Greenville Zoo. I did not travel there on this trip and will save it for the next trip.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a great place to ride (or run or walk) and worth making the trip to it.   END
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