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Suggested Trips

Silver Comet Trail, GA

5-mile round trip
Park at Mavell Road Trailhead. Travel West on Trail to Heritage Park/Concord Road Trailhead. Then travel back to Mavell Road. A scenic route and great family outing.

10-mile round trip
Park at Floyd Road/Silver Comet Depot. Ride West to Powder Springs. Go left off Trail and have lunch at one of the restaurants in downtown Powder Springs. Look around the town, then return.

20-mile round trip
Park at Floyd Road/Silver Comet Depot. Ride to Hiram Trailhead. Turn right on Seaboard Drive and go about 1/2mile to the shopping area. There are many restaurants, fast food and otherwise. Then return to Floyd Road.

40-mile round trip
Park at Paulding County Chamber of Commerce. Ride West to Rockmart and end of trail in Rockmart. Stop in Rockmart for lunch at Frankie’s Restaurant, then return.

Entire Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga Trail

The entire trail, from the Mavell Road Trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail to the Woodland Park Trailhead on the Chief Ladiga Trail is about 95 miles.  It can be done in one day if you are a strong rider.   An alternative might be to make it a 3 day trip. That is, travel from the Mavell Road Trailhead to Piedmont, Alabama on one day (about a 69 mile ride), and stay overnight in Piedmont. The next day, ride to the end of the Chief Ladiga Trail, turn around and ride to Cedartown, Georgia and stay overnight (about a 74 mile ride). Then, ride back the Mavell Road Trailhead the third day (about a 50 mile ride).