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Cumberland Connector


    The Cumberland Connector is a connecting trail to the Silver Comet Trail.  It is also called the Silver Comet Trail Extension.

    The Cumberland Connector is a 4.8 mile long (2.9 Km) trail in Smyrna, Georgia. The western terminus of the Cumberland Connector is at the Mavell Road Trailhead of the Silver Comet Trail; it is a continuous trail. It goes eastward, crosses South Cobb Drive and goes eastward, along a series of roads to Cumberland Mall (hence the title connector). It is 14 feet wide and paved with concrete. It passes a lot of subdivisions along its route.

    There is two trailheads on the Connector, one at Gaylor Street near South Cobb Drive (with parking but no other facilities)and at Oakdale Park on Atlanta Road. The Oakdale Park Trailhead has parking spaces and bathrooms.

    The Cumberland Connector is a great resource for Smyrna area residents, providing a great place for recreation, as well as for bike commuters and shoppers going toward Cumberland Mall. Cobb Community Transit (CCT), Cobb County’s rapid transit bus system, has a bus hub at Cumberland Mall, so commuters could access buses there for locations in Atlanta or other parts of Cobb County. See the CCT site at for connecting buses.

    The Cumberland Connector is not by itself a touring trail. It crosses streets numerous times with lots of stops and starts. Since it connects to the Silver Comet Trail, it would be a good way for people touring the Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Trail to get started.