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Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail

UPDATE ON TRAIL – June 28, 2011

The Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail is now almost 8 continuous miles long.  As of June 28, 2011, the Friends of the Trail and the Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation announced the acquisition of 1.8 acres that allows access to the trail from Cheatham Dam Road.  The Trail previously stopped at the U.S. Corps of Engineers campground.  The recent acquisition extends the Trail to nearly 8 miles one-way.

A Cheatham Dam Road Trailhead is planned.

The Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail is a great short trail, nearly 8 miles long, located near Nashville Tennessee. It is also known as the Ashland City Trail

It travels through some beautiful country, from wetlands to along bluffs above the beautiful Cumberland River.  It is operated by Ashland City under its Parks and Recreation department.

If you are going to Nashville, it is worth a quick trip to walk or ride this beautiful trail.

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