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Cranes Nest Trail, VA

New Trail Under Construction

Dickenson County residents broke ground March 24, 2008 on the $800,000 Cranes Nest Trail, a 23-mile multi-use path that many say could rival the popular Virginia Creeper Trail.

The trail’s first phase could be completed in about a year. It will run from state Route 83 near Clintwood to the John W. Flannagan Reservoir. The trail will serve hikers, and those riding bicycles and horses. It will meander along the historic Cranes Nest River.

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The Cranes Nest Trail will be unique because portions will be built along a former strip mine bench, which is a ledge or terrace created on steep, mountain terrain during the mining process.

The trail will also showcase the historical aspects of the Cranes Nest River. Confederate soldiers are said to have camped along the river. Other plans include installing outdoor classroom areas along the route.

Updates will be posted here as progress on the trail proceeds.